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PS4 horror hit ‘Until Dawn’ is getting a UE5 remake for PC and PS5

Supermassive Games had its first major hit back in 2015 with the PS4 exclusive, Until Dawn. Now almost nine years later, we're getting a remake, but this time, it will be landed on PC alongside PlayStation. 

If you never had the opportunity to play Until Dawn on PS4, you'll seen be able to pick it up in new and improved form on PC or PS5. The remake was officially announced last night and we already have a decent amount of insight into some of the bigger changes on the way.

The original game played out like a slasher film, with fixed camera angles that in some ways helped maintain suspense during scenes. The remake will drop this in favour of a third-person camera, something that could end up being slightly controversial but we'll have to wait and see what it plays like for ourselves.

The game will also include new interactions and an expanded narrative that aims to dive deeper into certain emotional connections and flesh out the characters a bit more.

The Until Dawn remake is being developed by Ballistic Moon rather than Supermassive Games. It is being made with Unreal Engine 5.

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KitGuru Says: I loved the original Until Dawn and have often thought about replaying it. We'll be hearing more about this remake later this year, so hopefully we'll get some release date news at that point. 

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