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A Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth demo may be just around the corner

While we expected to get a good look at Final Fantasy VII Rebirth during last night's State of Play stream, it would seem that Sony wants to give the game a bit more of an exclusive spotlight. At the end of last night's stream, Sony announced plans for a second State of Play for next week, focusing entirely on Square Enix's follow-up to Final Fantasy VII Remake. 

On the 6th of February, Sony will go live with State of Play once again, this time with a show entirely focused on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. We're promised an “extensive look” at the game. During Sony's Final Fantasy 16-focused State of Play last year, we were treated to an early demo of the game. With Final Fantasy VII Rebirth being another major PS5 exclusive, we may see something similar happen here.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is launching as a PS5 exclusive, much like the first game, Final Fantasy VII Remake. The original Remake was exclusive to Sony's PlayStation platform for around two years before finally making its way to PC, but even then, it ended up launching as an Epic Games Store exclusive, a move that is rarely popular as the majority of PC gamers prefer to use Steam. While the game did end up coming to PC, it did not make its way over to Xbox.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will hopefully have a quicker turnaround when it comes to launching on other platforms. Expanding its platform support to boost sales is going to be a focus for Square Enix this year and we're already seeing it begin to come to fruition with the announcements of Final Fantasy 14 and Visions of Mana for Xbox.

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KitGuru Says: Final Fantasy VII Remake ended up being my favourite game in the franchise, in large part thanks to its new combat system. With Rebirth, we'll be exploring even more of the map, going beyond Midgar, which will certainly be a big hook for long-time fans moving into the sequel. 

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