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Intel Bartlett Lake-S to extend the LGA 1700 socket through another generation

When most thought that Intel was done with the LGA 1700 socket after launching the Raptor Lake Refresh (14th Gen), a new report suggests that might not be the case. It seems Intel will extend the LGA 1700 socket for yet another generation that will coexist with Arrow Lake-S. This new platform will be named Bartlett Lake-S.

Red Gaming Tech has reported that Intel is working on a cost-effective series of Bartlett Lake-S CPUs to refresh its Raptor Lake CPUs for the LGA-1700 socket. That would match what AMD has been doing with the Ryzen 5000 series, which is still actively receiving new SKUs, including the Ryzen 5700X3D and 5000GT series.

This demonstrates that customers are still interested in older platforms, even six years after being introduced. However, AMD's newer AM5 architecture no longer supports previous DDR4 memory, instead focusing solely on DDR5. On the other hand, Intel's LGA-1700 platform supports both memory types, but the company has been steadily encouraging customers to upgrade to DDR5.

Intel's Bartlett Lake-S processors are rumoured to use improved Raptor Lake technology. Although there is little information available about SKU configurations, it is speculated that Bartlett Lake-S will be Intel's last push for the LGA1700 socket as the company moves on to the LGA-1851 socket, which will debut with Arrow Lake-S. As such, there's a good chance that these will be the last Intel desktop CPUs to support DDR4 memory.

Once the LGA-1851 platform is introduced, Intel may consider keeping the existing 14th Gen Core series at lower prices. Therefore, the specific product positioning remains unknown. Similarly, there is a nomenclature problem, as the company has previously replaced its Core i-branding with Core Ultra, which is already in place for laptop processors and will soon begin being used for desktop CPU branding.

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