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Final Fantasy 14’s Xbox beta begins on February 21st

While Microsoft accidentally went live early with a Final Fantasy 14 beta announcement in January, it has taken several weeks to get new details. With Final Fantasy 14 launching on Xbox consoles for the first time, Square Enix will be holding an open beta for the Xbox Series X/S version starting on the 21st of February. 

Players will be able to download the full game and jump in with access to all of the content up through the Stormblood expansion. However, the catch is that you will need a fresh, new account to create a trial character. You won't be able to log in with your pre-existing account with a lapsed subscription and begin the free trial.

If you do create a new account to take advantage of the free trial, you likely won't be disappointed, as it covers a vast amount of content now with two expansions included. Of course, if you are playing on Xbox, you also need to make sure you have Xbox Live to play online. Xbox Live still exists, but it is now part of the Game Pass Core and Ultimate subscriptions.

Final Fantasy 14 will fully launch on Xbox as soon as the beta ends. Then, Xbox gamers will get day-one access to the next expansion for the game, Dawntrail, which is launching later this year.

KitGuru Says: I may have to give this a test as I would like to give Final Fantasy 14 another go at some point. Will any of you be checking out the Xbox beta? 

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