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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth file size revealed

One of the biggest marketing points for the upcoming second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake – FFVII Rebirth – is the fact that (as was the case with the PS1 original), Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released on two discs due to its sheer size. Now, with less than a month to go, the game’s total file size has been revealed.

As reported by the PSN tracker ‘PlayStation Game Size’, the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will require a rather hefty 145.25GB of SSD space. With many 9th-gen titles releasing on Blu-Ray discs with a maximum of 100GB of available space, it makes sense that Square Enix have decided to ship the game on two discs.

That said, we have seen a whole host of titles even larger than 150GB shipping on a single disc – with the rest of the data needing to be downloaded instead.

While it will certainly cost Square Enix more to produce these Final Fantasy VII Rebirth copies, it is encouraging to see the team wanting to ensure the full game is available to install offline.

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