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Metro: Awakening is an ‘origin story’ coming to VR platforms this year

Earlier this week, Deep Silver announced plans for a brand new Metro game. While this won't be the next major game in the series from 4A Games, it will be an exciting spin-off, bringing the tense world of Metro to VR for the first time.

Metro: Awakening is an origin story, putting players in the shoes of Serdar, a doctor in the Metro tunnels, searching for medication to treat his wife's illness. The search begins in the tunnels beneath Moscow, with players having to be careful to avoid or fight through mutants. Something that will jump out to fans of the books and games is the fact that author Dmitry Glukhovsky penned the narrative for Metro: Awakening, so it won't feel like an out-of-place spin-off and should be a meaningful single-player Metro adventure.

While the game was first announced as part of a Sony State of Play stream, Metro: Awakening will not be exclusive to the PlayStation VR2 platform, it will be playable across Steam VR, the Meta Quest platform, as well as PlayStation VR2.

The game doesn't have a final release date yet but it is due to come out later this year. The game is being developed by Vertigo Games, the studio that also produced Arizona Sunshine.

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KitGuru Says: Metro seems like a perfect fit for a VR game. I'm expecting the playthrough to be very tense, similarly to Half-Life: Alyx. Will any of you be picking up Metro: Awakening when it drops later this year?

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