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Hi-FI RUSH all-but-confirmed to be coming to PS5 and Switch

In recent weeks we have heard a great deal about Microsoft and their alleged plans to adopt a more multi-platform approach with their games. This was followed up by an update to Xbox exclusive Hi-Fi RUSH which seemed to suggest that the game would be coming to PlayStation. Now, thanks to dataminers, a PS5 and Nintendo Switch release is all-but-confirmed.

Last week, we reported on the 1st anniversary update for Hi-Fi RUSH, which – among other things – added support for Sony’s DualSense controller and adaptive triggers.

Adding further fuel to the multiplatform fire, dataminers have discovered that – in a similar way to how Steam, EGS and Xbox versions of the game have their own unique exclusive T-shirt – new texture files have been added pertaining to the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

If it wasn’t already pretty much confirmed that Hi-Fi RUSH is set to come to other platforms, this latest discovery alone would be evidence enough. Hopefully an official announcement will soon be on its way.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of Hi-Fi RUSH? Is it an appropriate title to have a multi-platform release? What other exclusives would you like to see come to PlayStation/Switch? Let us know down below.


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