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Persona 3 Reload becomes biggest ATLUS game on Steam

For decades, the Persona series remained exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation platforms. Back in 2020 however the PS Vita exclusive Persona 4 Golden was remastered for the PC. Since then, many more ATLUS titles have been added to the platform – to great success. Even so, the release of Persona 3 Reload represents the best launch for the studio in its history on Steam.

Persona 3 Reload released over the weekend to a great deal of anticipation. Being the first mainline title to launch since the series went multiplatform, the remake has unsurprisingly done very well across the board. Thanks to Steam’s more open policies, we now know that P3R has become the biggest ATLUS game on the platform, with 45,002 concurrent players.

Of course, while this is in no way a record-breaking number of players for Steam as a whole, the figure remains impressive – especially for a single-player title.

For comparison’s sake, the second-most-concurrently-played ATLUS title was Persona 5 Royal (with 35,474 concurrents); followed by the aforementioned Persona 4 Golden (29,984 players) – and bringing up the rear are the two spin offs: P5 Strikers (8,730 concurrents) and P4 Arena Ultimax (7,099 players).

While it’s certainly a full-blown remake, it will be interesting to see just how much larger Persona 6 winds up being when it is eventually announced and released.

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