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MSI’s new beta BIOS brings support for up to 256GB RAM on Intel 600 and 700 series

Recently, MSI quietly released an interesting Beta BIOS update for their Intel 700 and 600 chipset motherboards . This new update allows users to expand memory support beyond 192GB, allowing users to install 64GB memory modules for a total of 256GB of memory across four DIMM slots.

The BIOS update was spotted by hardware enthusiast chi11eddog, who then tested it on his MSI Z790 Carbon Max WIFI motherboard. The beta BIOS version 7D89v1B1 offers support for up to 256GB of DDR5 memory on Intel-based 700 and 600 mainboards, allowing users to use 64GB of memory per slot on 4-DIMM slot boards.

According to the post's author, there was an old issue where users had to disable “Above 4G/Resizable BAR” to support 256GB configurations on these boards. However, MSI has now corrected it with the latest update to the BIOS, so there's no need to turn off the option anymore.

ASRock had already introduced a similar BIOS update for its motherboards, allowing them to support 256GB memory as well. With more motherboards starting to support 64GB memory modules, it shouldn't take long to see such modules become available on the market.

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KitGuru says: Would you max out your PC with 256GB of memory if it was affordable? How much RAM do you have currently? 

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