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Leaked Intel Xeon W3500/W2500 line-up to feature CPUs with up to 60 cores

Intel is expected to reveal its new series of HEDT processors soon. The upcoming line-up of processors will refresh the current Sapphire Rapids chips, featuring slightly lower clock speeds but an increase in core count.

Recent leaks by @momomo_us have provided specifications for the upcoming Xeon W3500 and W2500 series processors, which are part of Intel's Sapphire Rapids refresh. Compared to the previous W3400 processors, the W3500 series will feature at least four more cores and a larger L3 cache. Although the base and boost clock specifications seem to be lowered, none of the models are anticipated to exceed 350W TDP.

Image credit: @momomo_us

One notable omission from the leak is the top-tier SKU, but we have information on the Xeon W9-3595X, which will be Intel's first Xeon High-End Desktop (HEDT) SKU with 60 cores. This SKU will have the same 350W TDP as the W3495X, with lower base and turbo clock speeds.

Interestingly, the latest Xeon W2500 series specifications match those reported in November by YuuKi-AnS. The line-up is consistent regarding SKUs, core configurations, base clock, and L3 cache information. However, the TDP values seem to have been changed. For example, the W3-2525 is now a 175W model rather than a 140W one.

KitGuru says: Although we don't expect a massive performance uplift between the W2400/W3400 and the W2500/W3500, the refresh should hopefully give Intel time to cook something exciting for the HEDT segment.

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