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Featured Announcement

KitGuru Games: Is Xbox Game Pass worth £150 a year?

Just as 2022 saw Sony revamp its PlayStation Plus game subscription service, Microsoft’s 2023 included a refresh of its own Game Pass platform, eschewing the rarely-used and antiquated Xbox Live Gold with Game Pass Core, while keeping its regular Game Pass service as is – aside from a slight price hike. As I did last year, we will be looking at the past 12 months of Xbox Game Pass to determine whether the service is worth its ever-increasing asking price...

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KitGuru Games:­­ Did PlayStation Plus justify its price increase?

With each passing year, publishers and console manufacturers alike have increasingly emphasised the long-term importance of game subscription services. In aid of this effort, we have seen Sony reaffirm its commitment to subscriptions through its revamped PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tiers. 2023 marked the first full year since the reinvention, and with us now a good chunk of the way into January of 2024, the question remains: Has PlayStation Plus been able to justify itself?

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MSI’s new RTX 4070 Ti Super BIOS tested – does it make a difference?

If you were following the launch of Nvidia's RTX 4070 Ti Super graphics card this week, you will likely have seen something about the MSI Ventus 3X and reports of a sub-par BIOS, with Nvidia themselves suggesting it was performing 5% below expectations. Not one, but two new BIOS revisions were sent to press during the review period, and today we've tested the latest version to see how much difference it really makes...

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Nvidia’s latest Game Ready driver adds support for RTX 4070 Super

Nvidia has released a new graphics driver to accompany the RTX 4070 Super launch. Besides adding support to the new graphics card, the new driver also brings game optimisations, new GeForce Experience Optimal settings profiles, and a few bug fixes. Alongside the launch of the new card, Nvidia is also celebrating Reflex being supported on over 100 games and the addition of DLSS support to four new titles.

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MSI plans to launch more Claw handhelds in the future

The MSI Claw garnered plenty attention as one of the most exciting gadgets showcased at CES 2024. It adds to the competition in the gaming handheld sector and represents Intel's first foray into this market with the Arc-based Core Ultra 100H series. MSI is aiming to have a presence in this market for years to come, as it has confirmed that it plans to launch more Claw consoles.

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